February 12, 2011

My Date with Ziga

About a month ago I realized that Ziga and I had not been anywhere FUN together (excluding errands, which I try to make as fun as possible), just he and I, since Zala had been born. Since baby #3 is on the way in a few short weeks I have really been feeling the need to have some quality one-on-one with him. Today we spent the afternoon at Science City and Crown Center. The day did of course involve a lot of sugar. Back to reality tomorrow...oh, Valentine's Day is Monday. Back to reality Tuesday I mean. Anyway....I have such an awesome, fun-loving, curious, sweet little boy, and I am so grateful that I was able to focus on him and only him for a few hours today. I don't know when it will happen again, but I realized the importance of stealing little amounts of time with my individual kiddos. However...on the way home, he told me how much fun he had. He also said he wished Zala had been there with us. Sigh....is there anything more romantic, truly, than sibs that adore each other (most of the time)?

January 26, 2011

Bad Dream

Around 5:00 this morning I heard Ziga crying in his room. I went in and told him everything was ok and he went back to sleep. This morning before school Janez and I asked him what the bad dream was about and he started smiling and said "naps." I guess some things are just truly dreadful to a 4-year-old ;)

January 22, 2011

Royals Fan Fest!

Our plans to go to Pitt were put on hold (hope my sister-in-law's kiddies and Starata are feeling better soon!) but we had a fun day anyway. Took the kids to Royals Fan Fest which was very cool. The kid ran the bases, took a pic with Sluggerrr (sp? always confuses me....), and got to eat ballpark food.

Snow, snow, snow.......

And more coming tonight---yikes!!

January 19, 2011

Ode to the Mini-Van

We bought a mini-van on Sunday. A Chrysler Town and Country Touring. Highly anticipated purchase (I think Janez digs it, although he might not admit it....). I LOVE it...it is so roomy, the doors are automatic (well, one is, we are getting the other one fixed...but they took some $ off the ask price for that), and it is pretty clean for an '05. The kids sit up high and can see a ton. There is a DVD player in case they really CAN'T entertain themselves...with headphones for the kids so parents can rock out to whatever they want to. Navy blue with gray interior. In the shop right now to get a few things fixed--sliding door, brakes a tad squeaky. Note to those shopping for mini-vans--there is less demand this time of year for them (everyone wants 4WD) so try to shop when it is snowy. Next time we probably won't be taking the kids....but hopefully that won't be for a very long time!

January 11, 2011

First Day of Swim Lessons!

Zala started lessons today---she has been soooooo excited to get in the water like her big brother. Ziga had a private lesson today, thanks to the snow and cold. They were both totally exhausted but had a ball.


January 10, 2011

December 2010 Pics

December was a great month! We had a few nice days, which means I got maybe one bag of our leaves raked (they are still out there, and covered with snow at the moment!) and the kids went with cousin Avery to see Santa with Grandpa and Gigi (that's when they were dressed up on the stairs). Christmas pics to follow in another album soon....